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ve an exchange of money as well as the creation of some employment."At

Didi, we don't ▓have cars, w

e connect people," said Li, noting that devel▓opment is key to the company."We have about 10,000 employed in the company who are engineers," said Li. "We think what we are doing is consistent with the goals of the United Nations and with the Sustainable Development Goals (SD

Gs).""Some people are surprised that this platform has provide

d 21 million jobs opportunities," said Li. "We pay people weekly... so w

e can help reduce poverty and

have a ▓positive impact on the general economic environment."The sharing economy can meet "people's increasing demand for a better life" as well as the requirement for▓ "a coordinated development among economy, society and nature," and thus can become a key forc▓e in China's e

conomic growth and social development, according to an offic

ial from China Cyberspace Administration at the event.Please scan the QR

Code to follow us on Instagra

mPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatCavia▓r producer has a 'China Dream'Caviar producer has a 'China Dream'Caviar producer has a▓ 'China Dream'04-12-2018 13:17 BJTKaluga Queen predicts domestic sales increase as 'fo▓od of the czars' is now becoming more popularSpring

has come. The 700 metric tons of sturgeon farmed in East Chi

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na's Qiandaohu Lake by Kaluga Queen are expe

cted to spawn and produce one of the world's m▓ost expensive

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gourmet delicacies - caviar.Weighing 10 to 12 percent of a fully mature sturgeon, which is usually 7 to 15 years old depending on the species, these unfertilized

roe are to b▓e retailed at a maximum of 180 yuan ($28.6) per gram, more than half of the price of g▓old.Kaluga Queen is the world's largest caviar producer, breeding sturgeon i

n the 573-square-kilometer lake in Zhejiang province. Though ▓most of its caviar products are for export, the company is trying to whet the appetite of 1.4 billion

Chinese for the "food of the czars" in the coming years.Founded i▓n 2003 by several former aquaculture researchers from Beijing, Ka▓luga Queen, named after the sturgeon species

dwelling in Northeast China's Heilongjian▓g province, surpassed Italy's Agroittica Lombarda SpA as the world's biggest producer of caviar in 2015 with its producti

on reaching 45 tons.Over the years, its caviar has found its way into the first-class▓ cabins of Lufthansa and 22 of the 28 Michelin three-star restaurants in France. In 2016,

it was served at the banquet for world leaders at the G20 S


capital of Zhejiang province.In 2017, the Quzhou-based com▓pany's output reached 70 tons, representing around one-third of the global ▓total and consolidated sales of 20

7 million yuan. Almost 90 percent of its o▓utput is exported to Europe, the Middle East and the United States.But t▓he company hopes that over the next five years, the si

will r

everse, with Chinese citizens consuming up to 90 percent of the total, ▓said Xia Yongtao, deputy general manager of Kaluga Q▓ueen, who admitted it might be "an unreachable dream".If the "dream" is realized, however, the company's revenue and profit will surge, as

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